November 2005



So, this my first post to this weblog, somewhat like a week after I’ve registered to ^^.

Well, as I’ll write in the about page, this is intended to be a collection of my favorite image-related webpages and a quick journal of my weedkday’s work.

Just to introduce myself, my name is Yumi, I’m 20, I’m a full-time fifth semester electric engineering student, and I’ve been working as a scholarship holder (undergraduate) at the Signal and Image Processing Lab (LaPSI) in the Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul for almost four months now. It’s a very pleasant job because I get the chance to learn a lot and is also a very fun environment ^^.

Now I’m working on medical image processing using the fast fourier transform c++ algorithms. A good introduction to the topic can be found here.

I’ve got this sample pdf from CPU GEMS magazine, which description had just amazed me! It’s a shame it’s so expensive (U$59.90 in USA!) because it has A LOT of state-of-the-art image technology and is absolutely eye-pleasant!! (btw itis published by NVIDIA, the manufacturer of the GeForce video cards).
I was writing a way much better first post but my computer just crashed while I was i the middle of it =/.